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PRESTIGE 2+ Range 


The Ventilairsec VMI® Pulse'R Prestige+ range is a ventilation system suitable for all homes. The range benefits from a 5-year warranty*.


Prestige 2+ Cube 2 Galbé Maxi
Remote control      
Flow rate in m3/h      



Available in CUBE 2, GALBÉ and MAXI versions

  • telecommande-prestige-noire3 controlled preheat temperatures: 12°C, 15°C, 18°C 
    (Can operate without preheating)
  • 10 speed settings
  • Colour radio remote control
  • Wall mount for Types 1 and 2
  • Ceiling mount for Types 3, 4, 5 and 6
  • "F7 High-energy performance" filter
  • The 3V and 4V versions are delivered with an extra G4 sleeve pre-filter
  • Filter change warning
  • Flow rate of between 30 m3/hr and 218 m3/hr for the GALBE housing and 70 m3/hr and 400 m3/hr for the MAXI housing
  • Manual or automatic control*
  • Adjustable standby temperature
  • Built-in daily meter
  • Graphic air quality indicator
  • Turbo Heat & Night Ventilation Cooling functions
  • Output 1140 W to 2220 W (depending on housing)

 *Speed controlled depending on indoor and outdoor humidity

f7 filter Preheating remote control 10 speeds Air quality humidity control function turbo heat night ventilation cooling

* according to our general sales conditions

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