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VMI the solution for indoor air quality
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La solution : la VMI


You need to ventilate your home... but in the right way!

What is VMI®?

The solution: Positive Input Ventilation (VMI®)
The VMI® process is a ventilation system for rooms based on the principle of positive ventilation. This technique filters outdoor air from pollutants (fine particles, pollens, etc.) at one single location, and then blows the air from one or several points, where the air is swept across the rooms in the home and damp rooms before escaping naturally via the air openings. Positive pressure is ensured to remove indoor pollutants (humidity, CO2, and VOCs) and prevent radon buildup. The embedded software manages temperature and humidity parameter measurements and modulates the flow of fresh air appropriately.

VENTILAIRSEC's VMI® system is a particularly effective technique, with clear assets:

Radically filters outdoor pollutants (fine particles, pollen, etc.) via an innovative grade F7 filter. The VMI® unit keeps out particles as small as 0.5 microns.

Controls humidity thanks to the humidity control system.

Removes indoor pollutants (CO2, VOCs, etc.) by sweeping the air in every room of the building.

Prevents the build-up of radon by generating a slight positive pressure in the building.

Spreads the heat around the living environment by destratifying the layers of air.

Optimises the recovery of free heat (calories) and cold (frigories) via the Turbo Heat and Night ventilation cooling function.

Can integrate modules using renewable energy (solar collectors, ground-coupled heat exchanger, etc.).

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