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VMI the solution for indoor air quality
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Condensation on windows, mould in the corners of your walls and ceilings, peeling wallpaper, persistent unpleasant odours, damage to wooden window frames, etc.

These are signs that your home is damp. This problem should not be treated lightly.

How should dampness be treated?

picto-problematique-patrimoineTo clear away any dampness problems, you need to insulate your home, ensure ventilation and purification, heat and control humidity problems.

VMI® or Positive input ventilation, continuously keeps your air fresh and your home healthy.

Pre-heating and free heat recovery functions ensure your comfort, and finally, the humidity control function can vary the blown air flow rate depending on the level of indoor humidity, ensuring the rapid removal of humidity from condensation.


  • ventilation

    Fights condensation and damage caused by excessive dampness (mould, odours, peeling wallpaper, etc.)
  • More hygienic than extraction systems: the ducts stay clean (grease not sucked up)
  • A reliable and sturdy ventilation system
  • Little work required, unobtrusive installation

solution-vas-anglaisOur systems are ideal for renovations, easy to install and require little work.

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