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VMI the solution for indoor air quality
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Filtering the particles responsible for the pollution

Several types of particles are suspended in the air and vary in terms of diameter:
- more or less coarse particles (less than 10 microns)
- fine particles (less than 2.5 microns)
- ultrafine particles (less than 0.1 microns).

Fine particles are generated by cars, industrial activities, the combustion of wood, coal or heating oil, etc. Pollution by particles has a significant impact on health. Fine particles are carried by air flow and ventilation, and are particularly toxic as they can penetrate deep into your lungs and bronchi. Any particle which we inhale, with a size between 1 and 5 microns, is retained in the lung alveoli.

According to a study ordered by the European Commission, these particles cause 100,000 deaths each year in Europe and cut 725,000 years off lives. According to the WHO, over two million premature deaths are recorded each year due to the effects of urban pollution and indoor air quality, and over half of these deaths affect developing countries. In France, between 6% and 11% of deaths due to lung cancer and between 5% and 7% of deaths due to cardio-respiratory diseases are attributable to fine particles.

Thanks to its F7 filter, the Prestige+ positive input ventilation system is just one solution which will partially reduce health risks relating to fine particles and air pollution, by reducing individual exposure to these particles in your home.

f7 filter

High-performance VMI® filtration:

The VENTILAIRSEC F7 filter guarantees more effective filtration against particles! This filter allows the VMI® PRESTIGE+ system to filter incoming air and prevent 96.7% of fine particles (2.5 microns on average) and up to 82.1% of ultrafine particles (0.3 microns) from entering.

effective air filtration

Synthetic compact filter:

The VENTILAIRSEC F7 filter provides a revolutionary technological innovation by using a polypropylene microfibre medium, compared with traditional compact filters made of fibreglass paper. Thanks to its design and patented fibre, the VENTILAIRSEC F7 filter provides a unique solution for improving Indoor Air Quality.

Technical advantages:

- Guaranteed fibreglass free
- Very minor pressure drop
- Very high retention capacity
- Very low energy consumption
- Good mechanical resistance
- Water-resistant.

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